Getting Ready for the Limelight

We are pleased to say that that we have a genuine release candidate of Amlen now available.

You can download 0.1rc1 from the official Eclipse Amlen download area.

This build should have all the features that were present in IBM Message Gateway (which formed the initial code contribution for Amlen). There have been a number of improvements since Message Gateway days and we’ll blog about them in the future.

We think these builds are now suitable for widespread testing and playing with but we’re still a new project, whilst we are not aware of any showstopping bugs it would be early days to use this build in production.

Builds are available for:

There is information about migrating from Message Gateway to Amlen and more general information in the Amlen Docs

We are keen to get feedback from users. Please let us know how you get on slack (join the #amlen channel) or in the forum. Issues can be raised in our GitHub page.

(Links to everything mentioned in this post are available from the official Amlen Webpage).

We have much more in the works, starting with some guides for new users but this build marks a huge milestone in the project.

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