Amlen v1.0 now available: Get it whilst it’s awesome!

Eclipse Amlen 1.0 is available now. It is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people and we are incredibly pleased and proud to finally get to this point!

The story so far….

If you’ve ended up at this page and you don’t know what Amlen is: Amlen is a message broker that allows IoT devices/cell phones/web browsers and backend applications to securely, reliably and scalably send and receive data. It supports the widely used MQTT protocol for subscribing to and publishing data and it supports the latest version of MQTT (v5.0) as well as the older v3.1.1 (ISO standard).

Amlen is the spiritual successor to an IBM product called “IBM Watson IoT Platform – Message Gateway” (previously called IBM MessageSight) that IBM open-sourced and donated to Eclipse in 2021.

Message Gateway has been used in a diverse list of places from factory automation/monitoring to automotive communication, life-lines for the elderly to mobile banking apps but it’s most high profile use has probably been transmitting the scores on the website and mobile app for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and we look forward to Amlen being used in an even wider variety of places.

What can Amlen do?

Amlen runs on Linux servers, it comes as an rpm with a Dockerfile so it can be easily put into a container and some of the key reasons to use it are:

  • It comes with a Web User-Interface so it’s relative easy for new-comers to configure and monitor
  • It can be deployed in Highly-Available pairs to smooth upgrades and failures
  • It can be clustered to scale to very large numbers of devices
  • It uses policies for security which simplifies admin on systems with lots of users.

How do I get started?

Grab a copy of Amlen from our downloads page and then for the full details of how to use it the documentation is online but there is also a more gentle Getting Started Guide that we are working on, on this blog.

If you get stuck, then channel #amlen on the Eclipse IoT slack is a friendly place and we will try to help.

We’re looking forwards to seeing how people use Amlen – let us know how you are using it!

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